Meet Carina Burns

For over two decades I wandered the globe throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. I enjoy all aspects of foreign cultures, including exotic cuisines, cultural history and language.Learn More

What Do You Mean I Was Adopted?

Were you adopted? Did you have a similar experience? Do you face issues with identity?

Ms. Burns learned of her own adoption when she was a teenager growing up in the Middle East, and it came as a shock. Learn More

Self Empowerment

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. -Mohandas Gandhi Behold, Be Still, Believe = Be Heard BeHold, Be Still, Believe = BeHeard Behold the beautiful person you are! You bring love & light into the world just by being you.Learn More

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What Client’s Say


Having lived through it herself, Carina understands the pain and shock that comes with our lives being turned upside-down. She also knows how to navigate the complexity of emotions and changes in day-to-day living that occur enabling others who’ve been in this place to finally be able to find peace and love within. Her compassion is matched only by her dedication to helping us all.
~ Kathy Kliskey, Founder,
Carina Burns has looked within herself, faced her demons and developed the courage to share her journey of love, perceived betrayal, angst, and re-generative love. Innocence to anger to forgiveness to sharing. I first knew Carina before she learned of her adoption.  Carina was a typical, carefree teenager enjoying life. Living the ‘good life’ of a third-culture expatriate kid.  Only recently have I reconnected with her.  She has quite a story, a gift she shares with passion.  Carina Burns is truly ‘Becoming’ in every way imaginable. And, by the way, having tissue handy while reading her story will help.


~ Richard Maack, Junior High School Principal