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Meet Carina Burns

For over two decades I wandered the globe throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. I enjoy all aspects of foreign cultures, including exotic cuisines, cultural history and language.Learn More

What Do You Mean I Was Adopted?

Were you adopted? Did you have a similar experience? Do you face issues with identity?

Ms. Burns learned of her own adoption when she was a teenager growing up in the Middle East, and it came as a shock.

Self Empowerment

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. -Mohandas Gandhi Behold, Be Still, Believe = Be Heard BeHold, Be Still, Believe = BeHeard Behold the beautiful person you are! You bring love & light into the world just by being you.Learn More

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What Client’s Say

Carina Burns has looked within herself, faced her demons and developed the courage to share her journey of love, perceived betrayal, angst, and re-generative love. Innocence to anger to forgiveness to sharing. I first knew Carina before she learned of her adoption.  Carina was a typical, carefree teenager enjoying life. Living the ‘good life’ of a third-culture expatriate kid.  Only recently have I reconnected with her.  She has quite a story, a gift she shares with passion.  Carina Burns is truly ‘Becoming’ in every way imaginable. And, by the way, having tissue handy while reading her story will help.

~ Richard Maack, Junior High School Principal